Laboratory members:

Josef Panek

Josef Pánek, PhD.

Research scientist. Computational biology of RNAs: identification & function prediction of non-coding RNAs, prediction of function of mRNA and rRNA in eukaryotic gene expression, RNA structure prediction.

Cuong Chieu To

Jan Bobek, PhD.

Post doc. Focused on studies of gene expression and activity of translational system during cell differentiation. Together with former supervisor, Dr. Mikulik, published new findings about molecular mechanisms involved in spore germination and phosphorylation activities of cells during differentiation. Identified and analyzed proteins expressed during spore germination in Streptomyces granaticolor. Two new studies about functions of trans-translational system in differentiating bacteria and its possible role in mechanisms of resistance against antibiotics interfering with translational system were submitted. Analysed sequences of tmRNAs from four species of streptomycetes (data deposited in GenBank). Nowadays, pays attention to identification of non-coding RNAs and their regulatory role during differentiation of streptomycetes.

Since 2011 Jan got a job in the 1. Medical Faculty of the Charles University, Prague. Now he works here part time.

Eva Strakova

Eva Straková

PhD. student. Studied biophysics at the Charles University in Prague. Now focuses on systems biology of streptomycetes germination and inference of regulatory networks associated with germination.

Alice Zikova

Alice Ziková, Bc.

Technician. Responsible for all wet lab work. Works with Jan on snRNAs and with Eva on germination.

Former members

Eliska vohradska

Eliška Vohradská

Student of University of Chemical Technology in Prague. Made here her diploma thesis entitled: Numerical modelling and simulation of genetic networks.

She finnished her masters and now works as a nutrition consultant.

Ales Ulrych

Aleš Ulrych

PhD. student of microbiology with experiences in molecular biology methods, microarrays, proteomic and mass spectrometry. His research is focused on the physiology and the molecular genetics of Streptomyces producing secondary metabolites. Currently he works on study of influence of WD-40 domain protein on production of antibiotics.

Aleš moved, currently he is a member of the lab 127 of Pavel Branny.

Tra Thi Vu

Tra Thi Vu

PhD student. Works on the neural network model of genetic networks. She focuses on development of algorithms for simulation of genetic networks and methods of reverse engineering of the network structure from experimental data. She developed software tool GenExp ( for simulation of arbitrarily defined genetic networks.
Tra finished her thesis in March 2006 and moved back home. Here thesis can be downloaded here.

Cuong Chieu To

Cuong Chieu To

PhD. student. Works on algorithms for data mining of complex proteomic, transcriptomic and metabolic developmental databases. Currently focuses on supervised identification of similar kinetic patterns in proteomic and transcriptomic data using methods of evolutionary computing.
Cuong finished his thesis on October 2006 and is now back home. His thesis can be downloaded here.

Jana Novotná

Jana Novotná, PhD.

Senior scientist. Works on the proteomic and biochemical part of the project. Her all-life scientific interests are in physiology and biochemistry of streptomycetes producing secondary metabolites. During last years she has been engaged in the study of stress responses of these and other bacteria using global approaches to microbial adaptation. She leads 2-D gel electrophoresis techniques, optimizes methods of bacterial sample preparation, isoelectric focusing, fluorescent labeling and preparative gels for mass spectrometry.
Jana moved in March 2007 to the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague.